The Lord first called Rebecca to the mission field when she was around 11 years old; worked in her life allowing her to go through many difficulties & trials to help her begin to learn what FAITH in the Lord was all about. God worked many miracles in her and her boys lives, showing HIS Faithfulness and growing her FAITH. In 1996 she went on a mission trip with the church. The cost was $2,000 and God miraculously provided all of it when she stepped out in FAITH, knowing God wanted her to go.

On that trip, she had a divine appointment with a missionary by the name of Colin Boyland. He was an English missionary leading the mission team and Rebecca was mentored by Colin the entire trip and learned so much from him. While going down the MeKong Delta River; Colin told Rebecca about the orphans in Romania in a town called Campulung. He had been there one time and he always wanted to return and work with them. Rebecca knew she was called to the mission field years before. She thought she had missed God. When Colin talked to her about the orphans; the Lord spoke to her heart and told her that was where she was to serve. Many miracles took place on this trip and God certainly was at work. When the team arrived home; Colin died suddenly and at his funeral service, Rebecca went forward and committed to go to the mission field. The enemy came in like a flood, of course, and it took 3 months of the enemy convincing her she could not do it until Rebecca was absolutely exhausted. On a Wednesday night she decided to go home from church and pray until she got an answer, no matter how long it took.

She gave the Lord every excuse she could why she thought she could not go to Romania. She was a woman, older (49), Blonde!,no experience, etc. etc. etc. Finally she stopped giving excuses and the Lord gave her a vision of earthen vessels and told her HE can use anyone HE wants to and gave her Deut. 10:12. This was November of 1996 and thru Ceifa Ministry International; she miracously ended up in Romania; in Campulung in February of 1997. Once she said yes; got out of the boat and knew the Lord wanted her to go; she stepped out in FAITH and the Lord worked everything out. Rebecca began working in local government orphanages beginning with a 100 boy orphanage full of starving children. God worked mightily while she was feeding them phsycial food; God began to work in their hearts and many were brought to the Lord including the Romanian Director’s daughter. God gave vision for a Mission Centre; a place where orphans could be loved, cared for, brought to the Lord and trained for the future. The goal is to help them be the best they can be. We broke ground on the 2,000 sq ft building, set on 10 acres, in September of 2000. We have stood in faith for the vision the Lord gave for these 11 years. The building in enclosed but needs to be finished on the inside. We had to stop construction in the last year and a half due to lack of funds and the economic situation. We believe in FAITH; we will begin construction again very soon.

We began rescuing orphans out of the government orphanages and the street in 2005 and have helped over 18 children come to the Lord; some have gone out on their own, working jobs and doing great and others are still with us 24 hours per day. We continue to work in the government orphanages; encouraging the children and bringing them to church. We work with local churches to evangelize the community with Kids Clubs at the Mission Centre, food and clothing give away, Jesus Film and much more. Our goal is for the Mission Centre to be a lighthouse to the community; bringing many to HIM and helping the orphans, seniors and many more.

Below are blueprints of our new house location.